Gloria Mundi

The Fifth District presents Gloria Mundi, a game of gods and monsters, heroes and villains, senators and slaves played out across the epic sweep of Roman history. It is a role-playing game of dark, realistic, character-driven drama in a supernatural historical setting.

One great empire rules the ancient world: from the deserts of Parthia to the wild forests of Brittania, men display the eagle standard and pay homage to the gods of Rome. Citizens, slaves and conquered barbarians all know the power of the Emperor and of his relentless legions. But there is power in the world beyond what mortals understand, power to rival the gods of legend, and there are those who have claimed that power for their own.

Living among the ordinary people of the Empire are the Numeni, sometimes called the Filii Deorum, Children of the Gods. Mortals once, these sorcerers and mystics have stolen immortality with potent magic, and now wrestle with each other across the ages for what they desire or for what they believe. Whether they hail from Rome herself or from the deepest German forest, theirs is the power to achieve their dreams.

Such power, however, never comes without a price: what must the Numeni pay for theirs? And given such power, can men and women truly take the place of the gods, or is it folly even to consider it? As the players adopt the roles of Numeni, they will confront the price of their choices and the consequences of their actions. In a political game of high stakes and uncertain morals, the only safety is to balance between hubris and impotence. The world of the Numeni is a dangerous place, with great rewards for those who succeed and terrible punishments for those who fail. Which road will the characters take, and what will it cost them?

We believe in the appeal of Gloria Mundi, and we're interested in seeing it produced and published. Toward that end, we'd like to partner with a game publishing company at the initial stages of development. While we have high standards for the quality of the final game, we can be flexible about most other things, especially for the right company. We're happy to produce Gloria Mundi either as a stand-alone game or as part of an existing game line. While we'd love to work with our in-house talent at The Fifth District, we can also work with others; we especially look forward to collaborating with editors and other people with hands-on experience in the business.

For our part, we're looking for partners who have experience producing quality games and are committed to great storytelling as well as to the bottom line. If that sounds like you, please contact us! You can reach us at